This is what I’ve been doing to beat the heat - fixing up my girl Cat! I came dangerously close to selling her, but my girlfriend convinced me to try some wigs and clothes on her first to see if I couldn’t get her to work.. and I’m so glad she did that! Because now she’s perfect and I couldn’t bear to part with her. <3

Cat is an Iplehouse SID Soo, pictures are copyright me, all thanks and love for convincing me to give this girl another shot go straight to my girlfriend. :)

Just a heads up that I also have some second hand stuff for sale and you can combine shipping with a purchase from our Etsy shop :)

MSD-SD shoes (all brand new, tried on once)
- Hound-size discont. Dollheart shoes (white) €30(DoA thread)
- MSD canvas sneakers (pink) €9 (DoA thread)
- MSD Iplehouse IHS_S09 brand new (pink/white) €18 (DoA thread)

MSD-SD wigs (DoA thread)
- 6-7” Dreamingdoll synthetic wig (blonde) €10
- 7-8” GLIB synthetic mohair wig (carrot) €10
- 9” Hasel Anne mohair wig (brown) €10

MSD Lolita set (will not fit slim mini) €60 incl. standard shipping in the EU (DoA thead)

Ask here or at petesy. I have 100% positive feedback on DoA and Etsy :)